Welcome to the RHS Foundation!


Roseburg High School has a tradition of excellence and resulting legacy of successful graduates through the decades. Even through economic and budgetary tough times, Roseburg High School has strived for greatness for its students, parents and community.

From our graduates have emerged doctors, scientists, artists, business people, CEO’s, politicians, volunteers, educators, professionals, contributors, and the list goes on. These are graduates who have not only made Roseburg great, but continue to represent all of us wherever they now live.

In partnership with our community, the Roseburg High School Indian Booster Club for years has been a strong support for enhancements for the activities, athletics and academics of Roseburg High School. It is time to establish the base for something larger, stronger, more permanent and all-reaching to provide even greater support to the needs of our future citizens that will graduate from RHS. A foundation.

The vision for the Foundation is to serve as a pivot point for thousands of dollars in scholarships, classroom grants, capital projects and even crucial teaching or support positions.

Through communications, media campaigns, outreach to alumni for fiscal support through donations, and targeted grant applications, this vision looks to grow the financial resources to support the needs of our students for today's world.

We hope you will seriously consider becoming a donor or volunteer, and serve as a cornerstone for this new, ambitious effort. 


Brian Prawitz

RHS Foundation President



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